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What we do: is about finding solutions.

From photo booths to trade shows, desktop shortcuts to warehouse process simplification, we will work with you to create a custom USB input device that suits your needs. If you need a device that sends a keystroke to your computer based on a physical input, you’ve come to the right place.


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We have several items that we keep in stock that suit many of our customers needs.



I use these buttons to run the lighting console on a hit Broadway show. I’ve tried USB buttons from other websites, but these are by far the best! Dave was such a pleasure to deal with! He was so accommodating and very quick to answer emails. I had a very specific design for a box with 2 buttons and he built it perfectly as I envisioned it. I am recommending him to all my friends and colleagues in New York City!
— Christopher
I’m using this as a “GO” button for a MacBook Pro running QLab. Much easier than hunting for the space bar in a dimly lit tech booth!
— Steve
These buttons are amazing. Solid construction, perfect tactile click and bright light. It helped make our tradeshow a resounding success.
— Bradford
Very impressive business. We needed some custom buttons whipped up out of thin air and shipped Immediately. We ordered on Friday, received on Monday, how can it get any better than that?
— Terrie
I’ve used it for running shows with Qlab, and it works perfectly. Originally I bought it for a show that is run by actors and they love the simplicity, one button also hides nicely at the stage. It works without any problems also with an active usb extender cable. As a bonus it makes other technicians at the FOH jealous :)
— Paula


Our Promise

  • Our buttons come with a lifetime guarantee. If it stops working under normal use, ship it back and we’ll repair or replace it.

  • Each button is hand assembled, programed and tested both when it’s built and before it’s shipped.

  • Our shop is solar powered. We reuse packing materials whenever possible.


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About Me


I’ve been making USB buttons since 2010, when I was working as an audio engineer at a dance company and needed a way to control two computers at once. Other people who saw my device expressed interest, and I started a small business. Since then, has become the premiere supplier of USB buttons to the entire world.